Where has my Cirro Utterly Menthol flavour gone?


I have been using Cirro e-liquids for a number of years since I decided to stop smoking. I was a heavy smoker for a long time but switching to an e-cigarette has really helped me beat my cigarette cravings and control my nicotine consumption which I’m proud to say has gradually reduced. It took me a while at first to adjust to the vape and I was struggling to find an e-liquid brand that really suited me until I came across Cirro. A friend mentioned Cirro to me and then I saw it in my local supermarket and thought I would give it a try and in all honesty I’ve never looked back until now.

As soon as I tried the Cirro Utterly Menthol flavour I knew it was the one for me, it was so strong and sweet and just had the right balance of everything. I have tried a lot of other Cirro flavours since then and enjoyed them, but my personal favourite will always be the menthol. That’s why I’m hoping someone can help me with my question on where the Utterly Menthol flavour has gone.

I went to stock up on my Utterly Menthol e-liquid as I usually do, sometimes I’ll buy it from my supermarket sometimes I order it from Amazon (I’ve been doing the latter more recently due to the pandemic and trying to stay safe) but when it arrived, and I used it something was different. The flavour didn’t taste like the usual menthol that I’ve come to enjoy, and I found myself feeling disappointed. It seems like they might have changed the recipe maybe or something along those lines but whatever they have done has affected the flavour of the e-liquid and it doesn’t taste the same to me. Has anyone else had a similar experience with this?

It doesn’t have to be just with Utterly Menthol but if you have noticed a difference in any of the Cirro flavours can you let me know so I can feel like I’m not going crazy and imagining it. I don’t really want to have to try and find a new brand of e-liquid that has a flavour that I like, I know I’m very specific and stuck in my ways but it’s what I’ve gotten used to and trying to hunt for a new e-liquid that comes close to the level of Cirro would be extremely difficult. I guess I’m hoping by writing this that other people might have found a noticeable change in the Cirro flavours and maybe has an alternative that is similar that they can suggest for me to try? I’m not massively familiar with all the different brands and flavours, there’s far too many to keep track of, so if anyone can give me some recommendations that would be really great. Also, if anyone actually knows officially what happened to the Cirro flavours if they have changed the recipe and confirmed it I’d like to know about that please just so I can fully understand what has happened to the Utterly Menthol flavour. 

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  1. A Gamble says:

    Me too! It’s changed and lost its depth. My last pack has a slightly different package which I thought was just a presentation update but it’s somehow more ‘whispy’ to vape and almost more spearmint flavour? Let’s hope they’re having a blip and that’s all. Like an off recipe batch. Like yourself, I don’t feel ok with this.

    • Sandra smith says:

      Hi Iv worked it out the cirro utterly menthol in 11mg was 20vg 80 pg they are now discontinued the new one is 50/50 and I’d utterly discussing lol I’m on the hunt now for a new menthol 20/80 it has to be I don’t no why they have done this it’s the only oils I liked Iv also noticed it used to be made in GB it’s now made in the eu

    • Justin Guerin says:

      I’ve just noticed this today .. what have they done …its absolutely disgusting .plus its really irritating my throat … not good .such a shame because it was the best methonol out there

    • Kris says:

      Cirro took their manufacturing abroad but original c sell the utterly menthol 80.20

  2. Janne says:

    Sorry I can’t help with what has actually happend but I’ve noticed a change in the menthol flavour too

  3. D Joannes says:

    I hope it is just an off batch! I hope they have not changed the flavour. I had utterly menthol and it tasted different to normal..

    • Angela w says:

      These were out of stock for so long I bought 6 when they eventually got new stock, only to find like everyone here that the flavour has gone! Gutted, it was definitely the best until they changed it.

  4. Jackie says:

    Doesn’t seem right… Not happy with this off batch if that is the case. Would like a refund…

  5. stynctic says:

    You have hit the mark. In it something is also to me it seems it is good idea. I agree with you.

  6. Jackie says:

    It’s not just me then that has noticed the flavour ?

  7. R Richards says:

    These flavours helped me give up smoking… Don’t tell me things are changing with them ?

  8. Amanda says:

    It seems like you are on to something here… I thought it was just me. SAD TIMES!! ?

  9. Owen Dallas says:

    I quit smoking 3.5 years ago with the help of cherry bomb hope the change doesn’t make me want to start smoking again

  10. Hollie Hargrave says:

    Who can I purchase the original flavour from as this has definitely changed its flavour

  11. Joan Price says:

    Not a fan of the changes that have been made to this flavour

  12. Andrea Brandon says:

    I’ve been vaping using utterly menthol for 4 years unsure why they would now decide to change the flavour

  13. Ian Bain says:

    This flavour has definitely changed where can I purchase the original flavour from please

  14. Gaz says:

    Who makes the original cirro?

  15. Lucy James says:

    This flavour has completely lost all of its strength

  16. Jodie says:

    Who are the original cirro flavour makers

  17. Eric Field says:

    I’ve had the same issue bought mine from my local tesco to find it had changed completely disappointed in this

  18. Lylah Woods says:

    I agree its definitely changed its flavour its just not strong enough anymore
    Screen reader support enabled.

  19. Penny says:

    Glad its not just me that thought this

  20. Jane says:

    Where can i purchase the original cirro from?

  21. Betsy says:

    They’ve altered PG/VG that ruins the vape experience

  22. Marc says:

    My local supermarket ran out and doesn’t seem to have restocked, so I ordered from a place called VIP vape online (I have used them before) – This is my first time with this new flavour, I thought it was fake – the bottle is much stiffer to squeeze, the packaging colours and label slightly different and most importantly the taste has changed.
    The liquid is also a clear white, the old one is very slightly yellow.
    Disappointed with this as it took a while to find one that was right for me – I guess it mean going to other brands and trying everything again until I find something suitable – Annoying!!

  23. Glenn Yates says:

    why is this no longer made in the uk?

  24. Case says:

    Has anyone else noticed the difference in the colour of the liquid

  25. Chris says:

    Exactly the same for me. Been using this exclusively since 2015 and it has been the only one that I have enjoyed. After my local shops started running out, I bulk ordered direct from 10motives and got the reformulated version. I just can’t use it.

  26. Ben Burns says:

    10 motives have made an announcement about the deal cirro have got on

  27. Joanne Dugdale says:

    Really dont like the new version the oil seems thicker started coughing and my gums seem sore just like when u use the cheap ones wont be buying anymore ? taste is nothing like before and not a good vape

  28. Antonia Braddock says:

    Does anyone else think this taste totally different now I had to double check if it actually was utterly menthol flavour

  29. Caroline says:

    I have noticed a change too and dont like it. Tastes awful. Such a shame as I have been using Utterly menthol for years and now looking for an alternative.

  30. Myla says:

    I agree I think its lost all of its rich flavour

  31. Dimps says:

    Yep! It’s not the same, 12mg doesn’t have the same hit, very frustrating. If anyone finds similar please shout! So annoying

  32. Laurena Millard says:

    I was thinking the exact same thing!

  33. Reece says:

    where can I get the original from?

  34. Emma Griffiths says:

    I’m so unhappy with this. Its the only one ive used for years and now its awful. I did wonder what has happened and changed from 11mg to 18mg but that is also as bad. Makes my chest feel tight which is something the cheap ones do. I need to find an alternative because I won’t buy this again

    • Maxine says:

      Hi Emma I have found the original makers who I believe used to make them for cirro at hope this helps

    • Mel says:

      I had the same thing! It’s horrible!!! I’ve just ordered some from the supplier mentioned on here… 50/50 mixes definitely don’t agree with me, and it’s wrong of them to change it without properly stating the fact!

  35. Ray says:

    I had the same issues with the new cirro but I’ve found a alternative now that I believe used to be the original cirro makers. I’ve just received my first bottle of utterly menthol from and very impressed with it taste exactly how good I remembered it.

  36. Nick says:

    As others have stated – Original menthol flavour – I ordered a bunch and am really relieved that it is indeed the same as the original 80/20 utterly menthol!
    It was in the buy 4 get 25% off offer. Service was quick and free delivery over £25(?) I would urge anyone on their quest to find a new menthol liquid to go there.

  37. Mrs Louise Rose says:

    I’m glad other people have noticed. I think the new 1 is horrible. I’m struggling to squeeze it out of the bottle too!!

  38. William Parsons says: are the original suppliers of the product they have only just started business best to ring them on the number on their website

  39. Shona says:

    I agree the new taste is horrid. I bought online when all the local shops ran out and I thought the item I had received was a fake. It has always been 11mg and now it’s 12mg, slightly different packaging and horrible taste. Took me ages to find a menthol that was as perfect as the original utterly menthol too. I’ve tried the Blu brand but theirs are all thick and syrupy ?

  40. Lili says:

    I’ve just googled asking the same question and this thread came up. I have been using cirri utterly menthol for years and it suited me brilliantly.
    Now they have changed it, taste is different and it’s thicker oil. I have also found that it vapes very quickly and I am going through a lot more.
    Such as shame as will now have to find another.

  41. Lee says:

    It’s ridiculous they have even changed the packaging!!!!!

  42. Julie says:

    I noticed the change too. I have also noticed that since this change I have a wheezy chest which can be due to too much VG, or soni have read. I am going to try and contact them and let them know. Does anyone else fancy doing this too?

  43. Davina Gammond says:

    Well peeps I’ve just googled exactly what you have all said but before hand I rang them myself to ask because I thought it was just me !!! I asked them if they had changed the formula ect told me yes , I’ve been using the utterly menthol 18 my for well over 6yrs tried a lower strength but went back I was a 40 a day smoker so didn’t want to chance it !!! I used to buy from local co op or Tesco’s so like I said sometimes sold out of the 18mg so started buying them direct which worked out cheaper unfortunately I just got a delivery of 24 bottles ? straight away thought these are fake bottle and packaging different the fluids thicker and very hard to fill also the seal on the bottles all lose finding them extremely hard to close , using more and the worst is they are making me feel sick ? please if anyone finds a good alternative email me I’m so unhappy as I’ve got all these bottles to use !!

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