Why have they changed all the Cirro flavours?


I’ve been using Cirro for a good few years now and I’d consider myself pretty loyal to the brand as they had the best flavours and were the one I had the most success with when I started out trying to quit smoking. I didn’t think vaping was working for me until I discovered Cirro, and I had at that point been just about to give up quitting and go back to smoking.

It was thanks to their punchy and exciting flavours that I became healthier and happier in my life. I would have carried on being a happy Cirro customer and recommending the flavours to my friends and colleagues who vape, if it wasn’t for the new changes they have made to their e-liquids. It was when I received my latest order of Cherry Bomb I noticed something was really off. Initially I thought it was just a faulty bottle, but my colleague at work who recommended Cirro to me in the first place told me she had noticed a difference too.

My curiosity got the better of me, and after doing some digging online, I read about the move they have made to a new manufacturer. Upon discovering this, I went back into the Cirro carton and pulled out the leaflet which had written on it “recrafted e-liquids for greater taste”. I don’t believe they made this transition clear enough to their customers, nor do I think they were putting the quality of their product or the needs of their customer’s first when they decided to make these changes.

When you have a popular brand of e-liquid flavours like Cirro, it is difficult to understand why they would change them, especially without informing their loyal customers beforehand. From what I understand, they have changed manufacturers to somewhere outside of the UK, but the flavours now taste significantly different to how they did before, and it isn’t in a good way. Does anyone know why Cirro has changed the flavours and switched to a different manufacturer?

As the saying goes ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, everyone loved the Cirro e-liquid and flavours the way they were, and from what I’ve heard from other users the response to the new changes has not been positive. There are a lot of e-liquid brands on the market today, but Cirro had something that felt unique and high quality which I enjoyed. I didn’t want to have to switch brands from Cirro, but these changes appear to be permanent and I won’t spend my money on flavours I no longer like. 

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