Who makes the original Cirro e-liquids?

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I recently learned about Cirro moving manufacturers to somewhere else and this change has brought about a proper decline in the quality of their e-liquids, which I used to really like and use frequently. What I’m wondering now though is if the manufacturer they used to have in the UK is still making e-liquids in the same way as they did with Cirro? Does anyone know who it was who produced the original Cirro and any other details about them? I just want to be sure I cannot get the old flavours that I used to like from somewhere else, before I switch brands completely.

What I’m most disappointed in with Cirro is that they didn’t make their announcement of their change in manufacturer clear enough or even speak to any of their consumers first about that decision. The way they have gone about everything suggests that they don’t really care about the opinions of their customers and are willing to sell an inferior product in order to save some extra money. 

I could be reading too much into things, but as someone who was a regular customer for Cirro over the years, that is how I feel, and I’m sure I won’t be the only one either. I don’t really think it is acceptable to treat your customer’s in this way and expect them to keep buying your product when the quality and taste of the flavours are noticeably different.

Even when they have told customers about the change it has been inconsistent and haphazard, which is extremely unprofessional. If you’re a Cirro user, you will know there used to be a Union Jack symbol on the bottle and the statement that the product is made in the UK. On the new bottles however, both of these are missing, yet it still states on the Ten Motives website that Cirro is produced in the UK. Not only that but Ten Motives actually discusses the change of manufacturer in their latest newsletter. If they don’t care about their consumers enough to even make their message clear, instead of subtle hints that they have changed the e-liquids, then why should we continue to buy from them?

I owe no loyalty to Cirro now, and if the old manufacturer of the previous Cirro flavours is still making them, I’d be interested to know more about them. I want my old Strawberry Sensation and the other classic Cirro flavours back and I just hope there is a way I can get them. 

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  1. Chris says:

    Thank’s to Hacer McTaggart comment in another post: were the original manufacturers for Cirro. Since Cirro have switched suppliers, Lumo have launched as a stand-in for them old Cirro products.

    I have just ordered some from originalc, but I plan on trying some 0mg from Lumo too. I will report back when they arrive 🙂

  2. Chantelle Neal says:

    I’ve just ordered some cherry blast from

  3. Chris says:

    I got my first batch at the end of the week and it is identical 😀

    I’ve just ordered myself a stockpile ?

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