Where can I buy Cirro e-liquid?

Where to buy

I recently heard about this brand of e-liquid called Cirro which I haven’t tried before, and I’d really like to give it a go but I’m not too sure where I can buy it from. The current e-liquid I’ve been using is not bad but sometimes some of the flavours are a bit off and I’m not too keen on the balance between PG and VG. I’m not very experienced in vaping, it took me a while and some googling to find out what PG and VG were and how they influence the vaping experience. I only started vaping recently to stop smoking. I wasn’t a heavy smoker, but it was heading in that direction and I started to worry about my health as well as my finances, I work hard for what I have, and I don’t want all my money to end up going on cigarettes.

As with most things these days there is a lot more range in e-liquids than I anticipated and I’m just struggling to find the right one for me. I don’t think I need a large amount of nicotine to start off with because I wasn’t a heavy smoker and I aim to reduce my intake gradually until I get down to none. I tried to quit smoking cold turkey but as you can imagine it was a disaster. I have so much admiration for anyone who can quit that way but with a stressful job and everything that’s been going on with the pandemic I don’t think I was mentally ready to give up that way. I did do a bit of research about vaping and vape pens before I bought one, but I didn’t really consider the e-liquid I would need for it. I ended up buying the first one I came across and just sticking with that but I’m not really liking it and I keep reading good things about Cirro.

I was apprehensive to start shopping around for different vape liquids to the one I was using because I never really see them in shops when I’m out and about. I got it into my head that if I wanted to find a good quality e-liquid brand I’d have to go to a specific vape shop and there aren’t too many of those around in my area. Also, I tend to order from the same places online because I know I can trust them, and I don’t know if I would feel comfortable ordering e-liquid from a shop I don’t know.

That could just be me being over cautious, but I just want a brand of e-liquids that has a nice selection of flavours, and aren’t too pricey that I can find locally in my nearest shops or on Amazon. I read that Cirro could be more readily available than other e-liquids, I also would prefer to buy a few at a time so I can stay stocked up during my busier days. If anyone could tell me where I can find Cirro and if there are any particular flavours they recommend that would be really helpful. 


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  1. Chris says:

    Hiya. I applaud your attempts to shit all over Cirro with SEO lol.
    Would you mind sticking up a post inviting people to suggest alternatives to their flavours within the comments?

    Since I have not been able to buy any original Utterly Menthol, I have been buying a random mix to try. No luck yet. I imagine other people are doing the same. If anyone strikes gold finding a replacement for their preferred flavour, it would be good to get them suggestions as comments so that other people have a fallback 🙂

    Obviously a comment within the “Who makes the original Cirro” post would be the best result. In the meantime.. I am struggling to find anything that I come close to liking.


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