Old Cirro vs New Cirro: What has changed?


I was a heavy smoker for many years before I started vaping, I knew nothing about e-liquids when I started and came across Cirro by chance in a local shop near my house after trying a few other brands that I didn’t take to. I thought the Cirro Regular Tobacco would be the best choice for me as I was trying to quit smoking.

The Regular Tobacco flavour was really enjoyable and my personal favourite, the levels of nicotine available really helped with my cigarette cravings. I had a good thing going with Cirro and have been a loyal customer for years now, but I’ve noticed some changes recently and unfortunately they aren’t changes I like. I thought it was just me at first, maybe I’d picked up a dodgy batch, but my girlfriend is also a Cirro user, her favourite flavour is Cherry Bomb, and when she purchased her recent bottle she noticed differences in that liquid too, so it must be across all the flavours. The overall quality of the product has significantly dropped but there are a few notable changes we have seen between the old Cirro and the new Cirro we wanted to mention.


Old Cirro New Cirro
Classic flavours popular with users Changing the manufacturing of the most popular flavours that has led to decrease in quality of taste
Perfectly balanced PG/VG ratio Altered PG/VG that ruins the vape experience
Original bottle design Subtle changes to bottle design to try and make it still look that old design even though the liquid inside is different
Union Jack on bottle and statement of made in the UK Missing UJ and not made in the UK which contradicts Ten Motives website
No announcement to consumers about changes Customers end up with an e-liquid they didn’t expect or enjoy
Colours of liquid reflect the punchy flavours Liquid is clear and shows the lack of care and attention in the new flavours
Loyal customer base of regular consumers Vague leaflet inside the new cartons and the overall inferior product has pushed away previous customers


The first main change is to the flavours. Regular Tobacco has a distinctive taste and changing that effects the entire vape for me. Also, with my girlfriends Cherry Bomb she said it used to be like a delicious burst of cherry but now that lovely juicy flavour is not there as much anymore. With the Cherry Bomb you can tell the difference in the colour, the old Cirro Cherry Bomb liquid was red in colour but the new one is clear as you can see in the above image with the old bottle on the right and the new on the left. This speaks volumes to the difference in taste quality as well. You can also see the difference in the bottle designs, another feature they did not tell us about.

Also, the difference in PG/VG ratio has changed the quality of vape delivery as well as the flavours. The balance used to be just right to give you the best vapour production, throat hit and taste but now it is not as nice. With such large-scale differences in the actual liquids, you would have thought they would give the consumers a prior announcement about what they were doing but they didn’t, they subtly and almost sneakily made changes and have ultimately let themselves down as well as their loyal customers like us.

If you look at the above images you will see the two cartons side by side, the new on the left and old on the right. The old one has the Union Jack symbol and says that the products are made in the UK whereas the new one doesn’t. However, this contradicts the other image which is from the Ten Motives website and states that Cirro e-liquids are manufactured in the UK. If that wasn’t a big enough error Ten Motives actually discusses the fact that Cirro have moved their manufacturing elsewhere in their newsletter.

Why are Cirro being so low-key about the changes they have made and not spoken to their customers directly? Maybe they know that consumers won’t respond well to that decision and prefer the old flavours and quality in the previous e-liquids.

The above images are of the card that comes inside the new Cirro cartons that hint at the new changes to the e-liquids by saying “recrafted e-liquids for greater taste”. We are given no further explanation apart from this lazy phrase and a subpar e-liquid and flavour that we weren’t expecting when we bought it. I didn’t want to have to start looking for another brand as the other ones I have tried before I haven’t liked as much as Cirro but I can’t keep using an e-liquid I know longer enjoy.

46 Responses to " Old Cirro vs New Cirro: What has changed? "

  1. Joan says:

    I’ve also noticed the change in my usual cherry blast cirro but thought it could have just been an off batch but this mustn’t be the case if you’ve also noticed this as well

  2. Lee Finlay says:

    very disappointing that they’ve changed my regular tobacco flavour without any warning

  3. Rebecca says:

    I agree there has definitely been changes made to this cirro

  4. Kenny J says:

    Definitely something different

  5. Rick P says:

    Unfortunately I have also noticed the change

  6. Piers Albert says:

    Utterly disgusted that they have made these changes without any warning

  7. Shelley m says:

    I agree I have also noticed the changes made

  8. colin says:

    I noticed the change in flavour straight away

  9. Sarah Bywater says:

    Very disappointed that they have changed my usual cherry blast cirro flavour

  10. Tom says:

    I went to my local tesco today and bought my strawberry sensation cirro and couldn’t believe the difference will not be buying again

  11. Joe Payton says:

    I’ve been vaping regular tobacco flavour cirro for 4 years now and i’m completely disgusted that they have changed this flavour without asking there buyer if we would like any changes to be made without just going and doing it with us having no say

  12. Martin Booth says:

    Where can I buy the original cirro from?

    • dawn says: based in Swansea. They use the old Cirro recipe and taste exactly the same as the original Cirro flavours. They have just rebranded it to Originalc.

      • Sarah says:

        Thank you so much Dawn! I was desperately trying to find a replacement because I hate the new ones! I’ve just ordered some now from originalc

  13. Kaitlin says:

    Somethings not right!

  14. James says:

    I totally agree! I’ve just had an email from 10motives stating cirro have reformulated by experts I assume this means the receipt has changed

  15. Diann Dickson says:

    I totally agree with you! Glad its not just me that spotted the difference

  16. Nancy says:

    I used to smoke 30+ a day before I found cherry bomb cirro not sure what i’m going to do now if these changes are staying

    • Mark Rake says:

      Me too, regular tobacco flavoured cirro helped me quit smoking after being a heavy smoker for 29 years now I’ve been off cigarettes for 2 years

  17. Alex P says:

    Who can i purchase the original cirro flavours from?

  18. Tony Cole says:

    They have definitely made changes to there flavours who are the original cirro makers?

  19. sam says:

    Something doesn’t seem right?

  20. Jane Webb says:

    I also noticed the change of packaging

  21. Fay says:

    I received newsletter a couple of weeks ago from 10motives about the updated cirro

  22. Carol says:

    I always buy my e-liquid on and they’ve just announced somethings changed

  23. Dave Fairs says:

    Did anyone else notice that its not made in the UK anymore

  24. Mary-lou says:

    Just received a newsletter from 10 motives saying they have made changes to the cirro recipes

  25. Rosie says:

    Disgusting how they haven’t made an announcement to consumers that they would be making changes

  26. Sonny-J says:

    10 motives has sent a newsletter out about this saying the cirro’s optimised eliquilds are here guessing they are here to stay

  27. Shaun says:

    Just seen another announcement on 10 motives promoting the new offer of cirro e-liquids

  28. Rowan says:

    Taste cheap

  29. Kira Payton says:

    Don’t like these new version’s

  30. Debby Bolton says:

    I don’t like these changes

  31. Buster says:

    Such a shame as I’ve been using this flavour for 3 years and never had any issues before this

  32. Todd says:

    Does anyone know where I can still get the original cirro from please?

  33. kim says:

    Does anyone know an easy way to open new bottles ? i have to use a knife and have almost cut myself multiple times

  34. Hacer McTaggart says:

    I have found the original recipe makers who manufacture the liquids for cirro at and you can buy the liquids from them

  35. Christopher says:

    Hacer McTaggart, you are a god!

    I just spoke to them. Not only available on Their parent site Lumo produces the same flavours (such as – although that one is a 30/70 mix.

    I have just ordered some from originalc, but I plan on trying some 0mg from Lumo too. I will report back when they arrive 🙂

  36. Suzanne Hardy says:

    just received my first order from very impressed thank you to all that told me about them

  37. Sophia Osborn says:

    So annoyed at the changes! I can hardly squeeze the liquid out of the new bottle ?

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