Where has my Cirro Strawberry Sensation flavour gone?


I have been using Cirro e-liquids for a number of years since I decided to stop smoking. I was a heavy smoker for a long time but switching to an e-cigarette has really helped me beat my cigarette cravings and control my nicotine consumption which I’m proud to say has gradually reduced. It took me a while at first to adjust to the vape and I was struggling to find an e-liquid brand that really suited me until I came across Cirro. A friend mentioned Cirro to me and then I saw it in my local supermarket and thought I would give it a try and in all honesty I’ve never looked back until now.

As soon as I tried the Cirro Strawberry Sensation flavour I knew it was the one for me, it was so strong and sweet and just had the right balance of everything. I have tried a lot of other Cirro flavours since then and enjoyed them, but my personal favourite will always be the strawberry. That’s why I’m hoping someone can help me with my question on where the Strawberry Sensation flavour has gone.

I went to stock up on my Strawberry Sensation e-liquid as I usually do, sometimes I’ll buy it from my supermarket sometimes I order it from Amazon (I’ve been doing the latter more recently due to the pandemic and trying to stay safe) but when it arrived, and I used it something was different. The flavour didn’t taste like the usual strawberry that I’ve come to enjoy, and I found myself feeling disappointed. It seems like they might have changed the recipe maybe or something along those lines but whatever they have done has affected the flavour of the e-liquid and it doesn’t taste the same to me. Has anyone else had a similar experience with this?

It doesn’t have to be just with Strawberry Sensation but if you have noticed a difference in any of the Cirro flavours can you let me know so I can feel like I’m not going crazy and imagining it. I don’t really want to have to try and find a new brand of e-liquid that has a flavour that I like, I know I’m very specific and stuck in my ways but it’s what I’ve gotten used to and trying to hunt for a new e-liquid that comes close to the level of Cirro would be extremely difficult. I guess I’m hoping by writing this that other people might have found a noticeable change in the Cirro flavours and maybe has an alternative that is similar that they can suggest for me to try? I’m not massively familiar with all the different brands and flavours, there’s far too many to keep track of, so if anyone can give me some recommendations that would be really great. Also, if anyone actually knows officially what happened to the Cirro flavours if they have changed the recipe and confirmed it I’d like to know about that please just so I can fully understand what has happened to the Strawberry Sensation flavour. 


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52 Responses to " Where has my Cirro Strawberry Sensation flavour gone? "

  1. Charlie says:

    I just brought the 6mg strawberry flavour today in tesco and noticed straight away the difference. I thought it was just off or something??

  2. T Gabbet says:

    New recipe perhaps?? Seems too much of a coincidence for us all to have noticed the change and wound up here???

  3. Terry J says:

    Always been my favourite flavour strawberry, but don’t think I will be able to stick with this if it’s not an off batch… Will feed back here after I buy more.

  4. Theo says:

    Glad im not the only one that has noticed a change

  5. Frank Bloodworth says:

    Where can I get the original flavour from?

  6. Adam Booth says:

    Does anybody know who i can buy this from definitely changed its flavour

  7. Jamie says:

    I agree its completely lost its fruity flavour

  8. Beverly Wheeler says:

    I’ve experienced the exact same issues with my usual bottle of cherry bomb completely lost all of its tangy flavour

  9. Penny Rains says:

    The recipe must have changed seems to much of a coincidence for us all to have noticed the change

  10. Sean Atwood says:

    I feel so let down by this change will be forced to look for an alternative to replace

  11. Debbie Linwood says:

    Can definitely tell something has changed with this flavour where can i find the original flavour makers please?

  12. Kira Riley says:

    The new flavour is horrible

  13. Michael says:

    Strawberry sensation was the only thing that helped me quit smoking 7 months ago not sure what I’m going to do if they change this flavour

  14. Andrea Moss says:

    Does anyone know where i can buy the strawberry sensation cirro from please?

  15. Nicole says:

    This is so annoying! Since quitting smoking 6 months ago I have relied on this flavour to keep my cravings under control now I have to find a new flavour

  16. Gail Edwardson says:

    Who makes the original cirro flavours

  17. Samara says:

    Same here used to love cherry bomb

  18. Connor says:

    Before I found strawberry sensation cirro i was smoking 25-30 cigarettes a day not quiet sure what am going to do now that this flavour has changed

  19. Wes Tod says:

    Been vaping cirro strawberry for nearly 4 years now unsure why they have changed it now

  20. Jenny says:

    Was always my favourite until they changed the recipe

  21. Tilly Garner says:

    I am exactly the same worrying the change may make me start smoking again

  22. Caroline Crooke says:

    Before swapping smoking for vaping I was smoking more than 20 cigarettes a day not sure what I’m going to do now

  23. Mya Wescott says:

    Where has the strawberry flavour gone? Please tell me I’m not the only one that thinks this doesn’t taste anything like strawberry anymore

  24. Patrick says:

    Where can I buy the original cirro from

  25. Milo Moore says:

    Strawberry sensation flavour has definitely changed where can I get the original flavour from

  26. Lydia says:

    This flavour has definitely changed who can I buy the original from

  27. Karson says:

    My normal strawberry sensation cirro has definitely changed its flavour where can I get the original from

  28. Kenny Bell says:

    Very disappointed in these changes

  29. HayleY says:

    Can someone tell me if these changes are permanent as I wont be buying again if this is the case

  30. Sally Cull says:

    Who makes the original cirro

  31. Denise says:

    Why have they changed this flavour

  32. Norma Westley says:

    I buy my e-liquid on and they’ve just announced somethings changed with cirro e-liquids

  33. Grace Dennis says:

    I’ve just noticed on the packaging it no longer says made in the uk it now says made in the eu

  34. Shane Law says:

    Unfortunately I have had the same issues with this flavour

  35. Hattie Donne says:

    Do not like this new version at all taste so cheap

  36. Jaxson says:

    Don’t like this new version wont be buying this flavour again

  37. Meagan Bryson says:

    Very frustrating it just doesn’t taste the same anymore

  38. Jane says:

    try if anyone’s still looking for where to buy the original cirro from check these guys out just received mine and very impressed

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